Adolescence appears to be a deep-seated biological adaptation that makes it essential for the young to go prove themselves, so as to start a life of their own. As such, it is adolescence that drives human development. It is adolescence which forces individuals in every generation to think beyond their own self-imposed limitations..
John Abbott

Elementary Students Design Own Classroom

When a dozen or so educators from Indianapolis traveled to Reggio Emilia, Italy, several years ago to study the famous constructivist approach in that city’s preschools, they came back prepared for more than project-based teaching — they came ready to decorate. Last fall, the group offered elementary school teachers a classroom makeover in the Reggio Emilia style, and Sharon Olson, a teacher at Winding Ridge Elementary School, immediately volunteered. Their decor strategy was based on the idea that to take ownership of their learning, children must own their learning space.
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